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Software Review

For my interactive fitness website, I will be using 3 software sites/programs. They are:

  1. 1. will be the host site I will be using. It allows me to create my own website, pick a theme, and edit almost completely all aspects of it. It’s similar to WordPress in what it allows you to do but this is more of a website compared to WordPress which is more for blogging. It’s pretty popular as over 25 million sites have been created using Wix. I found out about it by simply searching online for sites that let me create my own website and decided to stick with it after playing around with it. This site is great for an amateur like me who has no experience with website building and all things technical. The only minor defect with this software is that it can’t let me create a website with the software to allow online visitors upload their own pictures which I will discuss in my next software program. I could definitely see myself using this for future projects if I need to design a website.

  1. 2.      Facebook

Facebook, as everyone knows by now, is a social networking site for users to post and view pictures, statuses, and interests of their friends and family. I’d say it’s relatively popular as it has reached one billion users now. I’m using Facebook to create a Facebook page for my website so that Facebook users can go on the page and upload their pictures along with the workout regimens they use. From there, I can post the pictures and workouts onto the website under the gallery section. By using Facebook, I think it will help spread the word of the website as well. As you could easily guess, it is very easy to do in setting up a page because it gives you step by step directions. I guess I have acquired some new skills because I’ve never had to make a page for a website so I’ve been learning as I go.

  1. 3.

ThingLink allows you to easily sign up and create your own interactive image. You can see other users’ images on the site or use it for your own purposes by sharing it or embedding it into your own website. It’s hard to accurately depict how popular it is but I can see that a thousand people have liked it on Facebook. I found out about this site after Karla suggested it to me. This software is important because it allows me to incorporate an interactive aspect to the website by letting me create an interactive muscular body that the online user can click on. It was actually pretty easy creating the image and making it interactive but I found it difficult in the way you have to embed it into your website as an html code. After playing around with it on Wix though, I found out how to do it. I think this is a great tool and could very possibly use it for projects in the near future.






Parody as Pedagogy video examples

Blog Essay #1


                I chose this picture for a variety of reasons. The first is that I have a love for dogs, specifically my 100 lb. black lab, Drake. His personality (yes, animals can have personalities just like humans) is very similar to mine. We are both ‘gentle giants’ who are laid back about a lot of things. Don’t get me wrong I can get fired up about an issue I feel vehement towards, but if you ask any of my friends they’ll tell you that my skin is about as thick as a winter parka. I know pretty much all dogs are loyal, friendly, and what not, but there is a comparison to be made between me and my dog. We are both friendly with everyone, probably too friendly, but not in a creepy way. What I mean by this is that I look for the good in people and trust people from the start. This also goes hand in hand with the fact that I don’t have any enemies. I think it’s important to try to be friends with everyone you encounter because you never know when you’re going to need someone and vice versa or if treating someone poorly will come back to bite you.

The location of the picture is also important too. I lived a little over a mile away from the beach and almost every weekend I would take my dog down to play fetch and let him catch some waves at dusk. Not only was the beach great for my dog, but it was a haven for me to go to and just clear my mind while not worrying or stressing about anything. The waves in the picture, which simply form and dissipate repetitively, represent my mindset I’ve had in life when things get tough: Don’t worry, life goes on; all bad things must come to an end. The dogs can represent me splashing through the difficulties of life, worry-free, enjoying life instead of stressing over it.

Another important element to the picture is how the two dogs are competitively playing with the stick. This resembles my personality when it comes to any kind of competition in sports, academics, debate, and any other topic. I’m the most competitive person in the world and I absolutely hate losing. It’s the worst feeling in the world to me and maybe it’s because my dad’s the same way. That always makes for intense and interesting tennis and golf skirmishes between us.

I’ve also interpreted the two dogs as me and my 15 year old brother. He’s always been close to me and we both have the same sense of humor and even though he’s nowhere near the sports fanatic that I am, we’re still both extremely competitive. Ever since we were little he’s made me a responsible person growing up whether it was from babysitting him when we were younger, looking after him, or picking him up and dropping him off for school. I’ve also helped him out with a lot of things over the years including transitioning from middle school to high school, homework, and socially acceptable norms for pop culture topics like music or clothing.

I can’t really complain about the picture itself or what I would change except for maybe if the quality of the picture was better. Its depth provides the pefect capsule of the dogs, waves, and beach which were all important and necessary in my relation to my personality.

Blog Essay #1

               When I saw this video I knew immediately it would be perfect to describe me. First of all, baseball has been a part of me for my entire life. Just like in the video, my dad took me to my first baseball game when I was only a couple months old after he had been a huge baseball fan himself collecting thousands of baseball cards and dozens of priceless autographed baseballs of Hall of Famers. Since then, we have been to major league and minor league parks all over the country including Marlins Stadium, Tropicana Field, Busch Stadium, Dodger Stadium, Coors Field, Turner Field, Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Comerica Park, and Fenway Park. My favorite out of those is Marlins Stadium, in which I’ve made the trip down to Miami multiple times this year to see my favorite team (as hard as it’s been to be a fan) play. My dad helped root America’s Pastime into my brain and ever since then, I’ve loved it. 

             Not only is this a hobby to me, it’s been a lifestyle. I’ve played baseball for as long as I can remember back to the days of wiffleball and playing catch with my dad in the backyard. From then on I played through all the levels of baseball from tee-ball, coach pitch, kid pitch, travel ball, and high school ball. I could’ve played college baseball for any of a multiple D2 and D3 institutions, but I made the tough yet right decision in coming to the University of Florida. My dream job is to be the senior baseball writer for ESPN the magazine.

            Besides the obvious reason in my love for the game for picking this video, I thought it also represented how family oriented I am.  My family and I have always been very close. They’ve always supported me through my endeavors in school and in sports by driving across the country for tournaments, funding all the teams I’ve been on, and coaching the teams I’ve been on as a kid. If you notice in the commercial, all of the materialistic things that are mentioned being bought cannot compare with the value of a conversation with your dad at the ballgame. This has always been my philosophy that I kind of adopted from my dad which is that money should never come before family, memories, and fun. This is why we have always gone on vacations and road trips throughout my childhood. While you’ve heard about every member in my family, I may have saved the best for last. I chose a commercial for my video to show my creative side as well. This is a part of me I inherited from my mom, who organizes events for a city so she has to be a creative person. She helped made me realize my creative potential by helping her come up with event ideas and working on class projects with her when I was younger. I believe my family has had a huge influence on the shaping of the person I am today. 

            It’s funny because after sifting through countless pictures and videos for hours, the media I chose fit perfectly to describe me. Even though I could have picked some other video and picture, I felt these captured me as fully as possible in the limited amount of media. 

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Blog Essay #1